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Product Overview

Access it anywhere, Any device

This is a cloud-based accounting and invoice management software. Sage Business Cloud Accounting is designed specifically for small and medium scale businesses. The solution offers accounting, expense management, project accounting, and compliance management capabilities, all in a single platform.

Effective and User friendly

Sage Business Cloud Accounting makes all your accounting data readily accessible from a singular dashboard, keeping you constantly updated on matters such as cash flow and receivables. Doubling as a tax management tool, the product can compute appropriate taxes in accordance with available transaction data. Cash flow forecasting is likewise possible, enabling users to come up with cash requirement estimates using transaction history as basis.

The platform’s interface is clearly labeled and it is simple to find features. The dashboard’s summary tabs show starter tasks and graphs with customizable date ranges. You can create estimates and quotes, and convert them to invoices easily and quickly. In addition, you can customize invoices with your logo and select between two templates each for product and service-based invoices. You can also toggle the delivery address and tax display, and add notes and terms.

Sage Business cloud Key Features


It’s an automated billing system that can prepare, send and track invoices, reminding clients of upcoming deadlines and helping you keep on top of payments. With cloud-based invoice processing software, you can create, edit and send invoices from anywhere, at any time, in just a few clicks.

Bank connections

Accounting automatically downloads and matches transactions to invoices, so you’ll fly through your data.

Machine learning, where computer systems use algorithms to perform specific tasks, helps you work faster and smarter
Do you want to give your fingers a break? Spend up to 80% less time on admin, compared to manual data entry.

  1. Import bank statements
  2. Matches transactions automatically
  3. Memorises your choices
  4. Saves you time


Easy and effective reporting, anytime, anywhere.

With Accounting, you get a comprehensive list of reports that are available to share, print or email directly to your customers or to other users in your business. Reporting in Accounting has never been easier with the following features:

  • Sage Intelligence for Accounting allows you to customise your financial accounting reports—so, you don’t need to be an accountant to report on your finances. Find out more about Sage Intelligence for Accounting.
  • Simply view your Profit and Loss report or Balance Sheet. Next time your bank manager asks for these reports, you’ll have them on their desk in record time!
  • Reports are available both in the Reports menu and from the many Reports sections on the main screen in Accounting.
  • Drill-down directly to the details of transactions by clicking on a line in the report, if the reports are presented in detail.

Choose from the wide range of reports available for customers, suppliers, items, accounts, bank and credit cards and tax. Get accounting reports for small business right away!

VAT Remittance and returns

Calculate and submit your VAT quickly and easily.

Mobile apps

Monitor and manage your business anywhere.


Price your goods or services, set up bank accounts or send out invoices in foreign currencies with Multi-Currency for Accounting.

With this add-on module for Accounting, you’re able to:


  • Send invoices and make purchases in different currencies.
  • Set up bank accounts in other currencies.
  • Get the latest end-of-day Exchange Rate automatically from Accounting, or set up custom rates.
  • Manage currency fluctuations easily. Accounting calculates your unrealised and realised foreign exchange gains or losses automatically.
  • Send invoices and make purchases in different currencies.


Create annual budgets from scratch or base your budgets on historical data.

For a small business, the ability to quickly set up and manage your budgets gives you far greater planning power.

With the budgeting feature from Sage, you’re able to view your budgets using the Budget Report, and track your business’s budget performance against your actuals using the Profit and Loss Report with budget comparisons.

Project Tracking

The Project Tracker tracks how specific areas of your business are performing with Analysis Codes.

If your business is spread across different locations, divisions, works on multiple projects or there are any other dimensions that you would like to report on or compare to one another, you can achieve this easily using the project tracking feature from Sage.

The right project tracking tools can bring your business greater efficiency.

Time Tracking

With Accounting and the Time Tracking add-on, you can make every minute count.

The Time Trackinga module enables you to easily:

  • Set up your projects and tasks.
  • Set budgets, task rates and billing preferences for each project.
  • Start capturing time.
  • Invoice out time linked to your timesheet entries or manually invoice out tasks linked to a project.
  • Link expenses to projects and optionally recharge them to your customer.

Start tracking your time now by signing up for this add on module!

Create and send invoices

Create invoices online and send them to your customers in seconds.

Present a professional image with less fuss

Select a flexible invoice template, upload your logo and choose the perfect colour and font. Customise the details and wording and you’re good to go.

Connect your bank

It’s an automated billing system that can prepare, send and track invoices, reminding clients of upcoming deadlines and helping you keep on top of payments. With cloud-based invoice processing software, you can create, edit and send invoices from anywhere, at any time, in just a few clicks.

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